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Welcome in! My Designer Wedding Gown redefines the wedding dress shopping experience by taking our gorgeous boutique gowns and selling them for a piece of the cost. We hand select each of the gowns from the best designers around the world in a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes. Our gowns have never been worn, only tried on in our boutique! It’s the dress you’ve been searching for at an affordable price! 


Wear info
Because our gowns have been tried on store, each of them has a different amount of love to them! You’ll see each of these terms on the gown, giving you an indication as to the amount of wear. We made sure to note anything major.


Brand new
Brand new gowns have never been tried on! These gowns typically were an extra sample gown or were a client  gown who decided on a different dress or didn’t need it anymore. This is the best condition!


Like new
Like New indicates that the dress is.. like new! This means that we got a new sample in that may have only been tried on a couple of  times or may have been an extra sample. It is in amazing condition!


Minor wear
Most of the samples fall into this category. Minor Wear indicates that the dress has slight imperfections when you look very closely, but nothing major. These are typically popular pieces in our store that have been tried on more than others. Usually this indicates something like a little pull on the lace or a few beads that needs to be sewn on tighter. It could mean tiny color imperfections. We are confident that any of this can be fixed  if needed but you likely won’t even notice without staring very closely at the gown!


Middle wear
Middle Wear indicates that the dress has some noticeable imperfections that can definitely be fixed, but that we want you to be aware of. These are the most wear to the dresses, but we have noted the issues so that if you would like to fix them, you are able to. An example may be that the train has dirt on it  from walking around in it so much. This would mean the dress just needs a little dry cleaning. It could also mean something like a few buttons missing which a seamstress could replace in minutes.


Final notes
As always, if you notice any imperfections that you aren’t sure how to fix, we’ve seen it all! Don’t hesitate to reach out to ask for help. 

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